Investment debts What debts should you acquire?

Not all debts are as bad as they told you, there are some credits and loans that can act as an investment. Did you imagine? Here we tell you which and how you can make a debt pay off in the medium and long term.

What are the investment debts?


As we have already said, investment debts are those that, although they are credits which must be paid with their respective interest rates and commissions, represent a medium or long-term investment.

How can it be possible?

Sounds crazy, but it isn’t. All debts have a certain degree of utility that is defined by what is paid or acquired with said capital. For example, it is not the same to acquire a house as a cell phone or to debit a previous debt.

Good debts

Good debts

Among the debts you can acquire, which can be considered good are:

a) Mortgage credit (Except liquidity)

Mortgage credit

Well, what is acquired with a mortgage loan , whether it is a house or its remodeling, is a good that lasts forever. In addition to this it is possible to add value over time.

b) SME Credit

The SME credit is an investment that can grow your business easily. If you are looking for an investment loan, this is the right one.

c) Indifferent credits for the purchase of assets

These types of purchases are through indifferent credits, that is, they can be payroll, personal among others. As long as the purpose of these is the purchase of items that do not go out of style, do not wear out, but above all that acquire value over time.

As you can see, if there are credits that lengthen, they can help you invest. The idea is that you do not extend the debt and that you know how to choose the best one based on the choice of the best one:

  • Average CAT
  • Interest rate
  • Term
  • Rode

But … beware! Just as there are good debts, there are also debts that can affect your economy if they are not managed as:

  • Badly used line of credit
  • Debts used to pay others
  • Automotive credit
  • Payroll and / or personal credit

But, if these are used well, they can also be a great help to your pocket. Everything is in knowing how to choose them and especially how to use them.