Ranking of free quick loans

Non-bank loans are not only payday loans for several hundred zlotys, which you can borrow for a month or two. The offer of some quick loans can successfully compete with a bank loan. You can apply for a high amount, and after a positive decision you will get money instantly to your account.

In March, I compared the offer of loan companies for you that will allow you to borrow money absolutely free. However, don’t forget that you can’t be late because you will have to pay for the loan. Meet the institutions that will lend you money for free, and I will also tell you what you need to remember when you decide on such a product.

What is a verification transfer?

When applying for an online loan, you must make a verification transfer. It is used to confirm the identity of customers applying for a loan. The bank details must match those provided in the application. It is important that the information about the sender of the transfer indicates your name as the person applying for the loan.

1st place – Provident

1st place - Provident

Provident.pl was the first in the ranking, which will borrow the highest amount among the institutions I compared, i.e. 15,000. PLN However, in order not to expose yourself to additional costs, you must remember that you have 30 days to pay back the debt.

Good to remember!

If you don’t pay the loan on time, Provident will add interest for late payment. This can affect your credit history and make it difficult for you to get more loans in the future. So remember to pay the liability on time.

II place – Fast Cash

II place - Fast Cash

The second place on the podium was taken by Credimort, which will lend you a maximum of 6,000 the first time. zł. And you have up to two months to pay it back at no cost. So if you care about having more time to commit, it’s worth choosing this offer.

Know that…

The whole process is done online, without leaving home. After submitting the application to register and confirm your data, a verification transfer is required. Detailed data necessary to perform the verification transfer will be generated on the Szybkagotowka.pl website. Just copy the appropriate text. Then your application will go to analysis and you will receive information about the decision. If it is positive, the money will be transferred to your bank account.

III place – Cheap Loan

III place - Cheap Loan

Third place belongs to tanikredyt.pl, here, just like in the case of the winner of the ranking, you can borrow money without additional fees, if you pay back the debt within 30 days. However, the amount you can borrow for this period is much lower, it is PLN 3,100.

What to do to get a loan?

All you have to do is click HERE. Then you will be directed to the registration form, where you can complete your data. Then you will be asked to transfer the amount that will verify your data. Remember, the payment should be sent from the bank account you own. If the application is successful, the borrowed money will be credited to the account you provided.