Thursday, September 16 2021

Former Saint Rose men’s basketball head coach Brian Beaury and Steve Dagostino, who played at Guilderland High School and Beaury University, team up to host a 3- basketball event. FIBA-style counter-3 next weekend.

The “NY 3 × 3 Hoop Festival” takes place Saturday at the Saratoga Springs Recreation Center, and is an event that Dagostino – who runs Dags Basketball, a Troy-based training operation – said its organizers hope to become a staple in the world. ‘year. Teams of four players can participate in the tournament, which has 16 divisions and prizes up for grabs. Entries can be made online at, the website of the “New York Sports Events” company that Beaury and Dagostino run together.

Next weekend’s tournament – which has an entry fee of $ 180 per team, plus an online entry fee – is the second New York sporting event production of the year. Dagostino said the organization’s AAU tournament earlier this year included as many as 32 teams he wanted, but events like this coming weekend’s are more in line with what New York Sports Events want to offer in priority in the future.

“We want to focus more on non-AAU events because there are so many AAU tournaments already,” said Dagostino.

The timing for a 3v3 event was certainly the right one too. The Tokyo Olympics first included 3-on-3 basketball, and the fast-paced, action-packed brand of basketball is one that Dagostino is keen to promote.

“When I was in college, Coach Beaury learned a lot about 3-on-3,” said Dagostino. “So we played with that all the time. Then when I went to [play professionally] in Europe all coaches teach and train from this.

There are many differences in the rules between the traditional 5v5 version of basketball and the 3v3 version. The most notable – apart from the fact that there are fewer players on the court – is that the game is played on a half-ground. Part of the attraction of the tournament, Dagostino said, is the growing awareness of 3-on-3 play, which he said is incorporating into his camps and training sessions because of the way he uses it. every person in the field.

“Everyone touches the ball. They all shoot. They are all engaged in defense, ”said Dagostino. “When we have our pro guys or our college guys in the gym, most of the workouts are 3 on 3.”

There are divisions for the men’s, women’s, boys and girls teams at this year’s event, which will be limited to 100 teams. In 2022, Dagostino wants to at least double this limit.

“Hopefully we can develop this thing to have a couple hundred teams, from all age groups, every fall,” Dagostino said.

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