Wednesday, June 29 2022

Guests, volunteers and community members at a blood donation event held in association with Hamad Medical Corporation.

Doha: Billawas Qatar, an associate organization of the Indian Cultural Center, recently organized a blood donation campaign in association with Hamad Medical Corporation.

Even though it was announced on short notice of three days due to the urgent need for blood at the HMC, organizers made it a success with over 100 donors voluntarily signing up to donate blood.

Raghunath Anchan, President of the organization, addressed the assembly welcoming the guests and donors, and thanked everyone for their contribution to this worthy cause.

He also pointed out that the aim of this campaign was to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation and to support the noble cause of the gift of life.

The main guest of the event, PN Babu Rajan, President of ICC, Subramanya Hebbagelu, Vice President of ICC, and Vinod V Nair, Vice President of ICBF Qatar, shared their thoughts.

They appreciated the organizers and encouraged everyone to do their best to serve humanity in all positive ways.

Dignitaries from various other organizations associated with Qatar graced the occasion with their presence.

Guest speaker, Dr. Sumpath Sundar, briefed the audience on the importance and benefits of donating blood.

He explained how science has made progress in the field of blood transfusion, thus saving many lives.

He also pointed out that blood donation is a vital part of healthcare and is used in the management of many clinical health issues.

Dr. Sumpath encouraged and urged the community to donate blood at regular intervals as blood donation is considered one of the best ways to help humanity.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks from Secretary General Sandeep Malar who thanked all participants, guests, volunteers, health authorities and committee members of Billawas Qatar for their support and cooperation in making this event a great one. hit.


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