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After a few weeks off, racing returned on June 18 at Brownstown Speedway with the Don Russ Memorial Pure Stock special race. Tommy Fleenor took the ladies ahead of Dusten Carr, in the All in 1 Pools Pure Stock special, but Fleenor failed post-race inspection and Dusten Carr would be declared the winner.

Carr recorded his first win of 2022 ahead of Keaton Streeval, Alvi Applegate, Josh Hayes and Bobby Woods. Sixth through 10th were DJ Dunn, Josh Johnson, Preston Carr, Terry Turner and Josh Turner.

Graphix Indiana’s recent Pro Late Models saw two features that night. In the first feature of the evening, the May 14 Rainy Event Makeup Feature, Steve Peeden won ILMS Win #3 for the year. Peeden took the win ahead of Tyler Collins, Alan Magner, Britan Godsey and Jug Wethington.

In the second feature of the night for the Graphix Pro Late Models, it looked like Steve Peeden was poised for his second win of the night, but Tyler Collins chased him down and decided to take the lead with two laps to go. . as Peeden struggled with lap traffic. Collins went on to earn her third ILMS victory of the year. After Collins, Steve Peeden, Chad Stapleton, Tyler Cain and Britan Godsey.

Tucker Chastain picked up his first win of 2022 in Pewter Hall Super Stock action. Chastain crossed the ladies ahead of Matt Boknecht, Zach Sasser, Branden Carr and Greg Amick. It was win #5 for Michael Brewer in Tree Service Hornets. Brewer’s fifth victory came over Davey Waggoner, Jacob Owens, Kaleb Caudill and Zach Johnson.

In Flag 2 Flag Media Crown Vics, Billy Heil recorded his first-ever win at Brownstown Speedway. Heil took the win over Joel Smith, Brandon Cranmer, Jim Walter Jr. and Holly Heil.

Pure Stock Feature Results: Dusten Carr, Keaton Streeval, Alvi Applegate, Josh Hayes, Bobby Woods, DJ Dunn, Josh Johnson, Preston Carr, Terry Turner, Josh Turner, Eric Lynn, Robert White, Dalton Fleenor, Paul Ortman, Wes Tipton, Buddy Stearns, AJ Warren, Donnie Wilson, Eric Lewis, Daniel Hupp-DNS, Mickey Hines-DNS, Tommy Fleenor-DQ.

Indiana Pro Late Model Feature Results: Tyler Collins, Steve Peeden, Chad Stapleton, Tyler Cain, Britan Godsey, Zack Burton, Alan Magner, Rick Gumm, Jug Wethington, Caleb Schryer, Dakota Jackson, Justin Bowling, Derrick Huber, Caleb Faulkner , Zac Gibbs, Daniel Hopper, Keaton Streeval, Brett Barrett, Randy

Charles, Patrick Shumaker, Mike Bechelli, Greg Kendall-DNS.

Super Stock Feature Results: Tucker Chastain, Matt Boknecht, Zach Sasser, Branden Carr, Greg Amick, Broc Burton, Tanner Chastain, Austin Perry, Grant Simpson, Danny Hupp, Matt Bex, Isaiah Sasser, Dalton Fleenor, Sam Lee, Blake Davis , Trent Adams, Jack Roberts, Chris Batchelor, Glynn Neal, Tim Eddelman, Troy Knorr.

Hornet Feature Results: Michael Brewer, Davey Waggoner, Jacob Owens, Kaleb Caudill, Zach Johnson, Shannon Walp, Brian Mitchell, Scott Smith, Jamie Ogle, Jeremy Shemwell, Landon Hayes, Skylar Ashley, Kenneth Eaton, Matt Miller, Korey Estes , John Smith, Brian Pollitt, Levi Hayes, Kameron Arthur, Curtis Roccia-DNS, Don Boling Jr.-DNS, Keaton Durbin-DNS.

Crown Vics Feature Results: Billy Heil, Joel Smith, Brandon Cranmer, Jim Walter Jr., Holly Heil, Jon Ortman, Michael Cranmer, Brayden Reed, Amos Calloway, Stacie Fitzgerald, Dakota Myers, Kilie Reynolds, Ray Weston, Anthony Finley, Shane Spears, Ryan Woods, Chad Reed-DNS.

Makeup Pro Late Model starting May 14: Steve Peeden, Tyler Collins, Alan Magner, Britan Godsey, Jug Wethington, Keaton Streeval, Justin Bowling, Greg Kendall, Patrick Shumaker, Zac Gibbs, Derrick Huber, Daniel Hopper, Chad Stapleton, Dakota Jackson.

Tonight, Brownstown will host a full show of Super Late Models, Modified, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks and Hornets. For more information, visit

Rock Crest Results

Rock Crest Raceway, formerly known as Twin Cities Raceway, in Vernon hosted the BOSS Race Car Series on June 17, with Kyle Cummins taking the win. Other winners in the division include Jacob Owens (hornets), Greg Amick (super stocks) and Jon Ortman (crown wins).

The next scheduled event at Rock Crest is July 8 with 410 wingless sprints, late pro models, pure stocks and hornets.

From Bloomington to Thomas

Kevin Thomas Jr. won the late Kevin Huntley tribute race on June 13 at Bloomington Speedway.

Brent Beauchamp finished second, followed by Max Adams, Nick Bilbee and Todd Hobson. Zach Sasser continued his career year by winning super feature over Austin Phelps, Bryan Shidler, Grant Simpson and Justin Litton.

Josh Harris took the modified role over Caleb DeMoss, John DeMoss, Derek Groomer and Jeff Deckard.

The next scheduled event in Bloomington is scheduled for July 8 with Sprints, Mods, Super Stocks, Hornets and 305 Racesaver Sprints.

This week in racing history

70 years ago in 1952 at Columbus Speedway, Red Carmichael passed Crowbar Taylor on the final lap for the overall win.

50 years ago this weekend in 1972 in Brownstown, Jack Owens won the last feature over Jim Curry, Mel Vails, Ira Bastin and Paul Crockett.

Starting in 1972 at Twin Cities, Johnny Robbins won the featured race against Leo Boner, Bob Wolfschlag, John Sharp and Danny Eichler.

Also from 1972 at Haubstadt, Rex Mitchell won the sprint car feature against Sheldon Kinser, Van Gurley and Cliff Cockrum. Jack Owens won the latest model race over Ira Bastin, Jim Curry and William Wampler.

Beginning in 1972, Dick Gaines won the 100 lap sprint car feature at Paragon against Sheldon Kinser, Larry Miller, Frank Hollingsworth and Butch Wilkerson. Steve Bowlen won the stock car feature.

50 years ago at the 25th Street Fairgrounds Speedway in Columbus, Paul Crockett won the last feature over Ray Godsey, Russ Smiley, Russ Petro and Darrell Arthur.

40 years ago in 1982 in Brownstown, Ira Bastin won the last model feature over Kenny Simpson, Gerald Dixon, Roger Absher and Doug Osteen. Dan Londeree won the street stock feature over Rodney Gaines, John Keller, Dale Hobbs and Gene Minor.

Starting in 1982’s Twin Cities, Steve Boley won the Last Model Feature over Jim Ruddick, Lee Fleetwood, Tim Engelau and Chuck Gilpin. Clyde James won the street stock main event against Scott McKeand, Larry Gingery, Ernie Niemoeller and Earl Plessinger.

30 years ago in 1992 in Brownstown, John Gill won the Hoosier Dirt Classic late model race against Billy Moyer, Don O’Neal, Jack Boggs and Kevin Weaver. Scott Patman took the street stock job over Mark Barber, Darren Davis, Tim Clark and Jeff Wilson. Bob Johnson won the bomber feature against Kevin Sebastian, George Berry, Jerry Adams and Ray Hughes.

Starting in 1992 at Haubstadt, Larry Bland won the sprint car feature over Joey Nash and Dave Scott. Rick Carneal won the late model main event against Doug McCammon and Kevin Claycomb.

40 years ago, the winners of the Columbus Kart Club division were Taulby Donnell, Barrett Brummett, Todd Niblack, Roger Marling, Morris Bolin and Bob McClure.

30 years ago at Paragon, Frankie Kerr won the All-Star Circuit of Champions sprint car feature over Terry Shepherd, Larry Bland, Kelly Kinser and Kevin Briscoe. Buford Burton took the thunder car feature and Buddy Cunningham won the modified feature race.

Also from 1992, the Columbus Kart Club division winners were Keith Allen, Gina Lowe, Hollie Brown, Matthew Arrington, Gene Wheeler, Gene Dick, Chad Houchins, Jeff Jones and Charles Smith.

20 years ago, in 2002 at Brownstown, Steve Barnett won the Last Pattern and Brent Londeree won the Modified Main Event.

10 years ago, in 2012 at Brownstown, Billy Moyer Jr. won the Hoosier Dirt Classic feature for late models ahead of Brian Shirley, Billy Moyer, Terry Casey and Jason Jameson. Devin Gilpin won the altered feature against Matt Boknecht, Richie Lex, Kenny Wallace and Joe Godsey. Cullen Goodman won the super stock main event ahead of Greg Owens, Randy Petro, Marty Cooper and Tim Clark.

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