Wednesday, May 18 2022

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Although Saturday was a fairly rainy day, that did not prevent parishioners from attending this year’s two Rosary gatherings that were held in Cornwall.

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The gatherings – which were held in English at St. Columban’s Church and at the Church of the Nativity in French – had to be moved indoors due to bad weather. However, the rain did not hinder the two events. Inside St. Colomban, there were just over 40 participants.

Last year’s rally, which was held at Blessed Sacrament Church in French and English, attracted more attendees. The previous year, parishioners were invited to attend the rally at Lamoureux Park

“I’m happy with the people who came today,” said Deacon Guy Côté, who was master of ceremonies at St. Columban’s. “Sometimes it’s hard to manage the numbers. We are having a gathering here, at the Nativity and at Saint-Finnan (Basilica, in Alexandria). What was only one event last year is now three this year, so they’re looking to cast a bigger net. “

Yet it was not just the local parishioners who were welcomed on Saturday, everyone as well. The Rosary Rally is, after all, an annual worldwide event. Its roots go back to 1917, when three children from Fatima, Portugal, reported seeing the apparition of Mary.

The rally takes place on the Saturday closest to October 13, when 50,000 people witnessed the turning sun miracle during Mary’s last visit to the children.

“They are in the same format as last year,” said Côté of rallyes. “The Rosary Rallies have been taking place around the world for several years. Today we honor Mary as a model of faith, hope and love.

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It is hoped that more churches in the local diocese will participate in the event in the coming years.

This year again, the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic was also discussed during the rallies.

“It is a very important moment for us to meet and pray together,” Bishop Marcel Damphousse declared last year to the Blessed Sacrament. “The power of prayer (is) a healing power, a power to make a difference for our loved ones in the world.”

Damphousse had told the parishioners that the Rosary could “regulate and refocus our minds and our hearts”, during this same pandemic.

“We are trying to pray for change in the world,” one participant, who declined to be identified, remarked at Saturday’s rally in St. Columban. “It is a public demonstration of our faith.”

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