Wednesday, May 18 2022

The Hive, a DJ collective from Cumbria, continued their success at Solfest last year with a club night at The Tribe, a venue and bar in Carlisle’s Bitts Park.

The owner of The Hive brand, a DJ from Keswick called Ian Dunn, who goes by the stage name Dunnerz, said The Hive aims to bring people together through music.

He said: “Last year [Solfest] was a big success, so I figured the Beehive had room to be big in Carlisle.

“[The Hive] has a wide range of genres – techno, progressive house, disco, trance, and so on – and I wanted to bring the feeling that people are part of a brand, that’s where I got the name The Hive ; a beehive cannot function without all the bees working together, i want everyone to feel the same together.

“I was at raves awhile ago and I remember what it was like.

“It was more comfortable, there was not as much risk of being robbed, there were no phones everywhere, it was better – I want to bring this back.

“There is a slogan for The Hive, ‘Be More You’, and that’s the vibe I want to bring.”

While Ian has explained that he wants to bring people closer to music in a figurative sense, he also wants to do it in a more literal way.

He explained, “At Solfest my stage wasn’t a big main stage, and I want that similar intimacy where you can literally reach out and touch the DJ.

“At Solfest, people wanted to come and stand behind the DJ booth.

“This woman came with her kids to see, and being able to stand behind the artist and get a good look at what they’re doing is a good thing. I want people to be able to do it.”

The Hive is a Cumbria-wide brand as Ian explained it has DJs from Carlisle, Workington, Keswick, St Bees, Whitehaven, Windermere and Silloth.

The ensemble takes place Saturday, February 26 from noon to midnight, repeating itself again on Sunday, and is 18 and over.


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