Thursday, August 11 2022

In the days leading up to Monday’s game in Denver, DJ Smith sent a clear message to his team.

The Senators head coach has said he will accept no excuse for a poor performance to kick off this four-game trip to the West.

He didn’t want to hear the fact that his team had just suffered an eight-day layoff related to COVID-19.

Or that the Senators were playing that first game in Denver, a mile above sea level, which would pose a significant challenge to the seven skaters returning from the COVID-19 protocol roster.

Or that their opponent on Monday – the Colorado Avalanche – had won four in a row and outscored opponents 24-8 in the process.

The game was clearly against Ottawa, but Smith refused to acknowledge the unfair hand he was given.

And so even after a valiant effort Monday, in which the Senators unexpectedly held a third-period lead on several occasions, the head coach failed to concede a moral victory for hanging out against an elite opponent. despite certain extenuating circumstances.

“Lots of really bad decisions with the game on the line. It’s an unacceptable loss,” Smith said after the Senators 7-5 loss. “We talked about not having excuses. We give up the winning goal at 1:33 from the end. It’s 100 percent on us.

Alex Newhook’s game-winning goal was the result of a missed game in the Ottawa zone.


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