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Belgian DJ Yves V and K-pop girl group Viviz, consisting of Umji, Eunha, and Sinbi, collaborated for the remix version of “Bop Bop!”

“Bop-Bop! is the title track from Viviz’s debut album “Beam of Prism,” which was released in February. The remix version was released on April 28.

Yves V has been included in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs ranking for several years since 2014.

Belgian DJ Yves V (left) has collaborated with K-pop group Viviz (top right) and wants to work with BTS (bottom right) (Instagram, Grammys, Big Hit Music)

He has over 4.5 million monthly listeners, while his music fills the playlist of the world’s biggest DJs and he has gained support from David Guetta, Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren and Danny Howard and Radio 1’s Pete Tong.

Yves V has shown his talent in many events including Tomorrowland, Sensation, Amsterdam Dance Event, David Guetta in Concert and Mysteryland.

He has toured Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, India, his native Belgium and Beijing, as well as huge shows in Miami for Miami Music Week.

Yves V said Manila Bulletin to work on the remix of “Bop Bop!”, Viviz and hope to work with BTS.

He said his collaboration with Viviz “actually came through our management teams – I’m a huge fan of pop music and love working with powerful female vocals”.

“What the Viviz girls do is completely push boundaries, not just in the K-pop scene but in general with pop. They’re fresh, exciting and totally fun, so as soon as I heard the track I knew I wanted to add my own signature,” said Yves V.

It didn’t take long for Yves V to finish the “Bop Bop!”

“Not long at all! The original track has so much finesse but because it was, of course, a super pop original, it was important for me to take my time not to overshadow the original elements of the track that I liked it, but also adding some deeper house sounds to bring it into the dance/electronic world,” he said.

Yves V said it was his first time working with a Korean artist for a remix and “and I really enjoyed it!”

“The K-pop scene is one of the biggest in the world with so many amazing artists and groups, so to work with Viviz as one of the brightest on the scene and bridge the gap between Eastern sounds and west, especially in different genres, was something that I felt very honored to do,” he explained.

When asked which other Korean artists he wanted to work with, Yves V mentioned K-pop superstars BTS.

“I would love to work with BTS! Their tracks like “Dynamite” and “Butter” have made them one of the biggest bands around the world, so lending some of my Yves V flavors to their tracks would be super cool! ” he said.

On July 16 and 22, Yves V will play at the Tomorrowland electronic dance music festival to be held in Belgium. He is to play on the Mainstage, the main event of Tomorrowland.

“I am one of only two residents of the festival’s main stage, alongside my brothers Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, and have been a part of the festival since its inception,” he said.

He added: “As the biggest festival in the world in my home of Belgium, once you visit you can really see why so many people love it as it brings together record crowds from around the world to enjoy. an amazing weekend. music!”

“Tomorrowland also has one of the best productions throughout the event you will ever see, the live performances are just something else and of course the artists who perform on so many stages are always worthy from a bucket list. Hope to see you soon at Tomorrowland! he said.




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