Friday, December 2 2022

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Erika jayneThe lawyers have changed their minds.

After filing a motion earlier this week to be removed from bankruptcy cases against the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband separated from cast member, Thomas girardi, and his law firm, Girardi Keese, attorney Ronald richards has confirmed another submission from the legal team in which they have withdrawn their application.

“Breaking News: Erika Jayne’s attorney has now withdrawn her motion to withdraw,” the attorney wrote on Twitter June 17. “Apparently, the urgent and immediate breakdown of the attorney-client relationship has now been miraculously fixed. See attached withdrawals of motions to withdraw. “

RHOBH attorneys Erika Jayne withdraw her mortgage to withdraw her representation

In a statement submitted with her request to be removed from the bankruptcy process, Erika’s legal team had credited a “fundamental and material break” in their relationship, as well as a lack of “trust and confidence,” for her decision to withdraw from the bankruptcy. case.

In the midst of the legal drama, Ronald came across a couple of questions from fans wanting to know more about the cases against Erika and Thomas.

“There are hours and hours [and] hours of RHOBH that are filmed and never shown to the public. Lying on the cutting room floor. Will you also request those transcripts? [and] or the movie? a woman wondered.

“Those are harder to cite, they don’t always release them on First Amendment grounds, but we will try,” confirmed Ronald, who was hired by a trustee to investigate the reality star.

Another fan asked if Erika, along with Thomas’s signature, were still “hooked”.

“So the processes [continues] and Erika stays on the hook together with the company? “asked the person.

“Yes,” Ronald replied.

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