Wednesday, June 29 2022

Danny Sean Guthrie (35) played football professionally for various English football clubs at senior level.

In May 2019, Danny Guthrie took out a £75,000 loan from a friend to help pay for his household expenses, promising to repay the loan with proceeds from a property sale.

However, before selling the property, Guthrie ran up gambling debts of £120,000. When he finally sold the property in August 2020, receiving just over £160,000 in equity, he decided to pay off his gambling debts before other creditors by making several cash withdrawals despite knowing he was insolvent.

Danny Guthrie has agreed to a six-year bankruptcy commitment, which will run until May 2028. As a result, he is subject to a number of restrictions, including not being able to borrow more than £500 without disclosing his bankruptcy status, and cannot act as a director of the company without the permission of the court.

Kevin Read, Official Trustee of the Bankruptcy Service, said:

Danny Guthrie’s actions were deliberate to dissipate assets, at a time when he was already insolvent, and to the loss of his creditors.

This extension of bankruptcy restrictions should serve as a warning that the Bankruptcy Service will take action to deal with such financial irregularities.

Notes to editors

Details of Danny Guthrie’s bankruptcy restraining agreement are available at Individual Insolvency Registry.

Information on bankruptcy restraint commitments is available on GOV.UK

More information about the work of the Bankruptcy Service and how to report financial irregularities.

You can also follow the Bankruptcy Service at:


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