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Katt Williams is very protective of both her ranking in the comedy and the comedy genre itself. The outspoken comedian has spent most of his life working on his craft, so it’s easy to see why he gets a bit on the defensive when someone breaks into his territory. So, after Williams learned that an NBA legend was moving from sports to entertainment, as usual, Williams didn’t hold back his feelings.

Katt Williams holds comedy in high regard

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Williams has been acting from a young age. Although his success in the field has brought him millions, Williams believes his profession is just as important to the world as a whole as it is to him. For example, the Friday after next star claims that comedy is the most important genre in the entertainment industry.

“No other genre is more successful in Hollywood or the entertainment industry than comedy,” Williams said in an interview with The Entertainer. “Fingers in the nose. It’s not close – no horror, no suspense, no action. It’s comedy that remains the biggest financial draw, so we don’t want that at all. change. ”

Williams also notes that comedy helps the world internationally. It offers the opportunity to take a break from the turmoil of the world, and to take care of its audience.

“This is why the stand-up has been around for 1,000 years; kings had court jesters for a reason, because it was necessary that we didn’t always quarrel and always be at war, ”Williams said. “It’s a place where conversation can take place and freedom of speech is one of the main things that separates us from other places and it’s a key part of our democracy.”

With Williams ironically taking comedy as seriously as he does, it stands to reason that he wouldn’t feel like anyone could. So when he heard that this NBA legend and former friend was trying out comedy, Williams made sure to let the athlete know to stay out of his way.

Katt Williams called Shaquille O’Neal a tramp for doing comedy

NBA Superstar Shaquille O ‘Neal got involved some time ago by inventing and hosting Comic jam of the stars. Founded by Shaq himself, Star comedy was a stand-up special featuring some of comics’ most prolific comics. Kevin Hart, Cedric The Entertainer and DeRay Davis were some of the names included in the special. Shaq also helped produce a few other Star comedy promotions to further expand the brand.

In an interview with Humor Mill, Shaq explained why he initially got involved in comedy.

“I am the owner and the inventor,” Shaq explained. When I was in LA, comedy was my thing, improvising on Monday nights at the Comedy Store. Def Jam came out with their thing, which I thought was fabulous. Then somehow Def Jam stopped and there was a void in the business. No one was doing comedy anymore, so I thought I would try one.

However, Katt Williams took trouble with Shaq’s encroachment on his home ground. In an interview with TMZ in 2014, Williams made sure to tell the athlete about her feelings about it.

“I think Shaq and Russell Simmons should get out of comedy and stay in their lane,” Williams said. “They don’t see us doing a professional basketball league under 6 feet. So what qualifies these dudes because they have $ 100 million to go, ‘Shaq’s All-Star’. Get out of here, asshole.

Katt Williams once called Marlon Wayans the funniest athlete in comedy, even though he’s not an athlete

According to Vladtv, the comic also had choice words for Marlon Wayans when asked about funny athletes. Williams joked that he thought Wayans was the funniest athlete in comedy. When the cameraman reminded Williams that Wayans was not an athlete, Willians threw a quick shot at the Horror movie Star.

“Well, he’s not a comedian either, but we call him that,” Williams said.

It is not known if there is a problem between Williams and Wayans. But Wayans officially described Williams as a friend. Speaking to Hip-Hop Nonstop TV, he had nothing but kind words for the comedian.

“Katt is a friend, man, I love Katt, man,” Wayans said.

He expressed that he felt concerned for Williams as he went through his high-profile legal issues and controversies.

“I feel bad,” he said of Williams. “Sometimes you just need the right people around you.”

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