Wednesday, June 29 2022

Students of Anant National University in Ahmedabad on Wednesday launched an interactive event, ‘Sapno Ka Manch’, for Signal Schools students to help them develop different cognitive skills such as team building and bonding interpersonal.

Signal School is a project to prepare children involved in traffic light begging for formal education by the Gujarat Government, Gujarat State Legal Services Authority, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and the city ​​school board. The initiative led by the students of the university, called ‘Signal vert’, is planned over a period of six days in two batches (of three days each) with 40 children and four teachers each.

The project is the result of a course taught at the Interaction Design Department by Professor Prayas Abhinav and Professor Vijay Sekhon, and Lopa Shah, a theater artist.

Speaking about the activity, Dr. Anunaya Chaubey Provost said, “Interaction design in its true essence is to build dialogue and dialogic sensitivities in students. In this rapidly changing global scenario, students must be prepared to dialogue on many levels. This activity is an opportunity to build a dialogue and a relationship with the city, its citizens and to learn by applying knowledge”.

The university plans to create a kit or guide that will allow signage schools to advance on their own, in the future.


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