Thursday, August 11 2022

The company’s expertise also encompasses digital communications, navigation, surveillance and cyber solutions, ensuring operational continuity at every phase of flight while reducing environmental impact. Looking to the future, the company is investing in the next generation of enabling technologies, including Artificial intelligence, Big data analysis, Machine learning and augmented reality.

Among the advanced features presented at the ATM World Congress is LeadInSky, Leonardo’s new turnkey solution for air traffic management. Developed to operate in complex scenarios, LeadInSky can integrate a wide range of products and tools to meet international requirements for ground and flight operations.

The solution, which includes sensor and function digitization, includes ground control, route verification and analysis, as well as post-processing functions and is already operational in major international hubs. LeadInSky builds on Leonardo’s extensive experience in the ATM/ATC sector, and will be further developed to handle greater volumes of traffic safely.

Also exhibited on the Leonardo stand, the C Band TMMR (Tactical Multi Mission Radar), a latest generation radar based on AESA technology. TMMR was developed to detect and track drones and small targets, highly maneuverable targets, including hostile drones.

In addition to radars and navigational aid systems, Leonardo will present a new workplace designed in accordance with the latest ‘human factors‘, both in terms of the graphical user interface and through advanced support tools. This includes a neurometric headset that can measure air traffic controllers’ stress levels.

Another area Leonardo is highlighting at the show is the gradual integration of unmanned systems in airspace (UTM), in accordance with the SESAR U-SPACE roadmap and European standards for remotely piloted aircraft. In this particular field, Leonardo is a key player in a series of innovative projects. The company demonstrates its ability to manage drones within a national ATM system, maintaining adequate levels of security and enabling flight in non-segregated areas through the use of satellite services to improve positioning, performance and navigation accuracy.

Finally, during the World ATM Congress, Leonardo will present some important results obtained from activities carried out within the framework of the SESAR program (Single European Sky Advanced Research). The work focuses on the integration of drones in controlled airspace and the future CNS (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance) infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence with Automatic Speech Recognition, and interoperability via SWIM (System Wide Information Management ).

Participating in SESAR since 2007, the company is currently involved in 13 active projects in the different Wave 2 (2020-2022) and Wave 3 (2021-2022) phases, which are carried out in collaboration with Telespazio, Telespazio Vega, Leonardo Germany and e-GEOS. Leonardo notably coordinates the PJ13-W2 ERICA (Enable RPAS Insertion in Controlled Airspace) and PJ14-W2 I-CNSS (Integrated Communication, Navigation and Surveillance System) projects.

From 2021, Leonardo has renewed its commitment by becoming a founding member of SESAR3JU (Joint Undertaking), the new public-private partnership, co-financed by the European Union, through the Horizon research and development program, and by industry , to achieve the objective of the European digital sky through research and innovation.


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