Thursday, August 11 2022

Lindsay Ell took advantage of her opportunity on fox and friends last Friday (July 1). The singer appeared during the show’s All-American summer concert series, and ahead of her performance of “Right on Time,” she struck up a conversation with the hosts about women’s rights.

After a confusing exchange about Shania Twain and the song “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” (see below), Ell was specifically asked about her Make You Movement fund, which focuses on survivors of sexual trauma and violence. domestic. The “Criminal” singer launched the cause after sharing her story of being raped as a teenager and again as a young adult. A song called “Make You” by her heart theory album reflects this trauma.

“Like anyone in the entertainment industry, we have a chance to use our platform for good, and I feel like I can use my music to really make a difference and give people a voice. , to other survivors, to give a voice to other women,” she begins during the fox and friends spot, getting full approval from co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy.

“Even my last song ‘Right on Time’, I just wanted to write something that would support women and their decision and their rights and their bodies and everything moving forward.” The conversation then pivots.

Ell — who, like Twain, was born in Canada — wasn’t done with her post after an interview that took place a week after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Once she took the stage to sing “Right on Time,” she began by saying, “This song is for all the women who are fighting for their rights right now. I love you so much.”

Lyrically, “Right on Time” is a pop-appropriate message that contradicts the idea that a woman should always be on the lookout for “Mr. Right.” It’s a song of female empowerment more than a hymn to reproductive rights. After the show, Ell clarified that her remarks were planned.

“So we just finished playing fox and friends and I came out and talked about women’s rights on stage,” she said to applause from her band. “And (drummer Kyle May) wore that shirt,” she said under more than cheers. “It was so much fun though.”

The T-shirt his drummer wore was a Ruth Bader Ginsburg T-shirt. Ginsburg was a Supreme Court justice known — among other things — for her more liberal rulings and opinions. fox and friends appears on Fox News, a network generally favored by those with conservative ideologies.

She has shows scheduled in Canada, America and Europe to wrap up summer 2022.

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