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LIVE VIDEO TO SEE | When you’ve seen the fun of taking place at the 2022 Parkrose Education Foundation Dinner and Auction, you’ll regret being there…

This year’s Parkrose Education Foundation Dinner and Auction – themed ‘The Mad Hatter’s Ball’ – begins with a silent auction, with hors d’oeuvres served to whet the generosity of bidders.

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After being online and virtual since 2019, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attendees were eager and ready to enjoy the Parkrose Education Foundation dinner and auction in person on Saturday evening, April 23.

Enjoy an entire evening of fun, which took place on March 23, 2022 when the Parkrose Education Foundation presented its “Mad Hatter’s Ball” dinner and auction:


Held once again at the Sheridan Hotel at Portland Airport, this year’s theme was “Mad Hatter’s Ball” – with organizers encouraging guests to don outrageous headgear; and many have done just that.

At the check-in table are volunteers Susan Wagstaff, Jennifer Scribner and Sarah Lamb-Christensen.

Members of the “Mad Hatter’s Ball” planning committee are thrilled to see how well-received the event is: Londa Sundin, Vern Sundin, Colleen Grant, Janeen Scott, Kris Brown and Chris Sellon.

“Tonight’s prom is fun, as the theme encourages our guests to ‘let go’ a bit – but in a festive atmosphere,” observed one of the organizers – Parkrose Education Foundation President Londa Sundin.

“This is our 17th auction dinner,” Sundin said. “We can no longer say ‘annual’, because of the COVID [preventing its occurrence] for the last two years. Over the past few years, we’ve had over 150 people attend; and tonight we expect around 100 guests – which, given the circumstances, is pretty good!

Having fun at the ball and representing the historic parkrose Board, are Samantha Montanaro, JR Lilly, Leah Maurer & Annette Stanhope, and Ed Charles.

Retired President
“I’ve been doing this since 2011, and it’s been super fun,” Sundin said. East Portland News at the Bal. “However, this is my last year; I am retiring and looking forward to traveling and exploring more of our world.

“So we’re looking for someone to step up and take the reins. And, for this person who cares as much about education at Parkrose as I do, we Won’t do leave them “high and dry” – we will work with them hand in hand! »

Guests Juneau Singleton and Jodi Wallis bid for silent auction items.

parkrose Grateful Grand Principal
While browsing the silent auction, Parkrose High School Principal Molly Ouche stopped to share her thoughts on the celebration. “I think it’s amazing. You know, my kids go to Russell Academy. This auction is what allows them to go on excursions and have the extras that they can enjoy as students at Parkrose .

“It makes me happy to see all the people here who care so much about education at Parkrose,” Ouche said. “It warms me inside; it’s a great evening.

As guests are seated, they find salads already on the tables to start their meal.

After the silent auction closed, guests were ushered into the Sheridan’s Triple Ballroom for the next phase of the event.

Participants dined on a green salad from the market, boneless beef ribs braised in red wine, with seasonal vegetables; skillet of fennel-scented Northwest salmon, seared with a citrus vinaigrette – or, alternatively, a vegetarian saffron risotto.

Each of the auction tables is a winner in the Dessert dash; here, guest Christine Riley is clearly happy with her table selection.

The dessert was do not On the menu. Here’s why: One of the fun things about fundraising, called the Dessert dash, encourages tables to offer a contribution to prioritize the ability to choose from a table loaded with a variety of desserts. From the highest bidder all the way down, each table – with loud instructions from table mates – selects its dessert for the evening.

With group uniforms – both existing and proposed – are invited Ethan Palioca and Emma Palioca.

A special call that evening was to purchase new Parkrose High Marching Band uniforms. Thanks to prom and online donations, this fund reached the $20,000 level of the $50,000 goal.

master of ceremonies and 106.7 The Eagle radio personality Scott Tom joked with auctioneer Brian Wheeler and pushed the program along quickly.

Here’s a panoramic view of guests dining at the 2022 Parkrose Education Foundation Dinner and Auction.

The MaryLu Baetkey Scholarship Fund has reached $5,000, including new auction proceeds and a donation from the Foundation.

And, after prom, the gross was over $33,000, Sundin reported afterwards. “All funds raised go to our grants budget, so we can improve the educational experiences of Parkrose students!”

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