Thursday, August 11 2022

EFAE’s first-ever art installation features a six-wheeled Rolls Royce Fantom R6, a unique modification of this specific model by Danton. Another artist involved is Steve Chaudanson with metallic predator statues, cut so that a gracefully sculpted panther or eagle becomes invisible from a specific angle. Renaldo Moon’s “Good Through” credit card style wall art honors the world’s most important personalities with an expiration date corresponding to the date of that personality’s death. These will be available in both physical and NFT form. In addition to long-term asset value, owners of NFTs will benefit from more hands-on interactive elements, including the ability to pilot their Rolls through the metaverse, or activate the augmented reality effect and watch the statues take life. roaring and jumping across the screen.

The gallery is looking for visual artists who experiment with new experiences in art and help them to integrate smoothly into the digital market, to use new forms of display, to find audiences and to capitalize on the works of art. physical art by turning them into NFT assets. The selected pieces are presented in a single unique copy, while other exhibitions take place in a series of NFTs, according to the artist’s vision.

Further down the roadmap, the development of Eric Favre’s city inside the ourverse metaverse, promising many ways to immerse yourself in a different reality. From immersive art spaces to e-commerce, virtual real estate and extended reality events, the platform will deliver limitless multidimensional experiences.

Eric Favre is a French entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to sport, health and well-being. In the evolving technologies of Web3, AR, VR, NFT and blockchain, Eric Favre sees a change for a better future, convinced that digital innovation will help redefine the future and the way people live, interact and generate wealth in a more sustainable way. . Nurturing a deep respect for artists, Eric Favre recognizes a strong link between art and entrepreneurship, with creativity resonating in both areas. After creating the EFAE Virtual Gallery, the entrepreneur demonstrates how embracing creativity and giving it new, digital life is yet another form of art.


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