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Motion Laboratories is – finally – ready to act.

Located in Cortlandt Manor, the manufacturing company primarily serves the entertainment industry – customers include Broadway theaters – Motion Labs had implemented $ 2 million extensions when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March 2020.

The company is now on the verge of relocating to Peekskill to a new 40,000 square foot facility on John Walsh Boulevard that it began leasing in 2019. Its current head office at 520 Furnace Dock Road in Cortlandt Manor totals 30,000. square feet.

Pete Herrmann Motion Labs CEO / President

Expansion and relocation is nothing new to the company – this is its fourth expansion since opening at its original location in the Trench Building in Irvington. At the time, the company had only five or six people and its space was only a few thousand square feet in the late 80s and early 90s.

The company was first founded with Sean McCormick, who owned an audio support company that worked with musical artists like Grateful Dead; Christopher Greco, owner of a chain hoist rental company; and Vincent Carnivalli.

President and CEO Peter Herrmann had been involved in recording live for concerts and productions in the New York metro area and at a New Rochelle club when Greco approached him with the idea of join the team.

Today, Motion Laboratories is a full-service manufacturing and assembly plant specializing in high quality portable power systems, weight monitoring systems, measuring equipment, test equipment and assemblies. of cables, mainly serving the entertainment market.

“We were just trying to build on an idea, and it started to catch on,” Herrmann said. “It started to be successful.”

It has since moved to a 10,000 square foot location on Highland Avenue in Peekskill, then moved back to its current location at Cortlandt Manor after quickly overtaking the old Peekskill space.

Expansion and growth are the key to the success of the business; it has always been part of its model to integrate outsourced services as far as possible into the activity of the company.

“As we grew, we brought in a lot of services that we outsourced,” Herrmann said. “We have started to integrate them within the company. As the growth was happening we started adding in-house machining, we bought punch presses and we bought skates and we started to manufacture our own parts. We have started to install painting facilities.

“Whenever it got to a point where we spent a certain amount of money with an outside vendor, we would assess whether or not we could do it ourselves,” he continued. “We brought it in-house and this growth has occurred from the 90s until today.”

Lately, however, the company has expanded into new markets in the general business world, in part thanks to the realization of new opportunities and accelerated by the downturn in the live entertainment market during the pandemic.

Herrmann noted that many of the company’s customers envision 2022 as the start of Covid’s recovery for the entertainment industry, which could mark the end of a long downturn that Motion Labs and many other players in the industry had to endure.

“In 2020, when we were about to get into all of this, we were hit by Covid – it is holding everything back,” he said. “All of our expansion plans suddenly came to a halt, and we had to really seriously think about where are we going to be – are we going to give up and shut it all down, or are we going to hold on and move on?”

“We decided to just hang in there and move on,” Herrmann said. “This is where we have been for a year and a half. In our industry, it was particularly brutal because the concerts had completely disappeared, the tours had completely disappeared and the whole industry was destroyed. A lot of people didn’t survive this.

According to Herrmann, Motion Labs’ ability to pivot to include manufacturing for other companies has helped it adapt and stay afloat during a difficult year.

“We started looking for business from other companies that were doing their contract manufacturing work for them, so we expanded there and installed additional machines,” he said. “We spent quite a bit of money setting up additional manufacturing services. We were able to outsource other companies and manufacture parts for them.

Herrmann noted that the plan is to move many operations to the new Peekskill facility over the next several years and retain the Cortlandt Manor facility to house the expansion of the company’s manufacturing services.

The Peekskill location will become the headquarters for the company’s sales and home assembly operations, as well as a center for research and development and education. The latter will allow customers to take courses and learn more about the operation and repair of equipment sold by Motion Labs, which could prove invaluable to those who may not have the same expertise as usual professional buyers of the company.

“The advantage for us is that we can have an outreach program with our customers,” Herrmann said. “Motion Laboratories, for most of its time, did not use any advertising or marketing programs or any of these types of resources. good when we were mainly focusing on the entertainment industry.

“It’s a very tight-knit community,” he added. “People know who the players are and they know who they want to deal with. When we’ve been going through past issues with Covid and the shutdown and all that, part of our plan to deal with it all was to reach out and enter markets that are outside of entertainment, to expand into the beyond the entertainment industry itself and just start offering services to other businesses. This is one of the main reasons for expanding our manufacturing facilities, so that we can offer these services to businesses that are not involved in entertainment.

The company is also beginning to work with media firm AJ Ross to expand its reach in e-commerce, social media and advertising strategies.

“It’s definitely a jump in a very interesting time,” Herrmann said. “I’ve never seen anything like it before. The events we have been through have all been sort of global events nationwide – the stock market crash that happened and affected people internationally, September 11 was certainly quite an event. important – and this one has had an impact around the world.

“We are just trying to maintain our faith and our abilities,” he said. “We feel that we have our destiny in our hands. We just have to be smart about it. And I hope that everything will come back and that we will be stronger than before, and that we will grow again. “


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