Friday, December 2 2022

A recent graduate with a master’s degree from the Eastman School of Music, Philip Milman ’21, might now be a familiar face to any fans of the famous Twitch streamers.

Milman recently participated in a project with content creators Ludwig and Jschlatt to create free versions of popular orchestral pieces that other creators can use without facing the potential of a YouTube copyright strike. Recognized as the producer of all of the tracks on the “Lud and Schlatt’s Musical Emporium” YouTube channel, Milman spoke with the Campus Times about his life after college and his experience working in the entertainment industry.

How has it been for you since leaving doctoral school?

It’s been a little over a year since I finished school, and it’s definitely been the best year of my life so far! The month before graduation, I was selected as one of four recent graduates to move into Jeff and Joan Beal’s studio-laden home in Los Angeles, now called Eastman West. For graduates of the Beal Institute for Film Music and Contemporary Media, this is a space designed to ease the transition from graduation to starting a career in Los Angeles. So within a month of graduating I had driven across the country and started my career. I’ve also had a lot of fun since moving to the West Coast – I go surfing on my lunch break four to five times a week, got engaged in Hawaii, and traveled to Mexico, Costa Rica and the Fiji.

How has your time at UR influenced and/or benefited your career endeavors?

Finding work once I was there was quite easy since I had access to a fully equipped recording studio in my house and Jeff [Beal]extensive professional network. In six months, I had enough customers to set up my own music production company! Plus: Without the time I spent singing a cappella with the YellowJackets, inspiring my passion for arranging and composing, and the diverse curriculum I was taught at Eastman, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

How did you land the gig with Ludwig and Schlatt?

Ludwig posted a video on his second channel in February, talking about his frustrations with copyright and wanting to do something about it. At the end of the video he left his work email and said to email or DM him on Twitter if we had a fix. So I contacted him and told him that I was his solution! Long story short, I showed him the recording studio and my access to the best musicians in the LA studio, and I was hired on the spot!

What was it like working with such great content creators alongside your orchestra colleagues?

Working with them was a lot of fun and it was so cool to be a part of something that has such a positive impact on the streaming community. Both were really easy going. The only downside to working with huge YouTubers/streamers is that they are literally busy all the time, so it can be difficult to reach them when you need them.

What was your role in the project?

My role in the project was to lead and set everything up. I composed all the original music, selected excerpts from classic public domain pieces to record, assembled the scores and created parts for the musicians, hired a subcontractor to find the musicians and schedule recording days, directed all rooms during the session, set up the recording room, edit and mix all tracks, and more. I also hired two Eastman graduates to help me with the project – Joe Hagen was the sound engineer for the two days of recording and mastered all the tracks, and Natalie Pang was a session assistant.

Do you have anything else in preparation?

We may already be working on the next set of original tracks!

Do you have any advice for current students?

Post-college life can be really scary, but don’t let that get you down! You don’t have to have your life planned out by the time you graduate, and whoever tells you they’ve got it all figured out is lying. UR provides you with so many resources while you are there, so have faith in yourself and everything you have learned. As long as you work hard to move forward, you will eventually get to where you want to be, even if you don’t know where that is yet.


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