Wednesday, May 18 2022

Nairobi lawyer George Kithi has finally bowed to pressure from the Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) party to set aside his senatorial ambitions and his candidacy for the governorship of Kilifi County on the party ticket.

Kithi attended a PAA rally at Matanomane Mall in Sokoke, Ganze Constituency on Friday, where he used Giriama’s parables to indicate he would be vying for the governorship without saying so explicitly.

The Master of Ceremonies at the function honored by Governor Amason Kingi, the de facto The leader of the PAA party called on the aspiring governors to address the rally and only Kithi stood up to do so. Other aspirants, including one in the senatorial seat, had already spoken.

Fifteen Kilifi County Assembly members, Kilifi Senator Christine Zawadi and aspirants to the senatorial seat of Kilifi and to the parliamentary seat of Ganze Ben Kai and Kenneth Charo Kazungu respectively urged Mr. Kithi to run for the governorship.

However, when he rose to speak, Mr Kithi was very insistent on the need for the coastal region to have a local party such as the PAA, so that the region has bargaining power when sharing resources. national laws and the enactment of laws.

At the end of his speech, Mr Kithi led the rally by announcing that the party to watch in Kilifi was the AAP and County Governor George Kithi, before handing the microphone to the emcee and leaving the podium.

In December last year, Mr Kithi denied reports that he had abandoned his senatorial quest to run for governor, calling it propaganda for political rivals.

The AAP has been searching for a suitable candidate for the governorship after Kilifi County Assembly Speaker Jimmy Kadhua Kahindi defected to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Friday’s rally was billed as the launch of the PAA party’s campaigns and was held in ODM branch president Kilifi’s constituency of Teddy Mwambire constituency. Mwambire has been the biggest critic of the PAA party and Kingi is looking to clip his wings.

During the rally, Kingi defended his formation of the new party, saying his goal was to contest the presidency in 2027.

“People have questioned my formation of a party as I am about to leave office. Kingi is not going anywhere. The formation of the AAP is the start of a long journey that will culminate in the party presenting a presidential candidate in 2027,” he said.

Mr Kingi however said that the party would campaign for the presidential candidacy of ODM leader Raila Odinga this year as he (PAA) is fielding candidates for all other elective positions to gain a national perspective before the general elections of 2027.

Previously, Mr. Kingi had led leaders in inspecting development projects initiated by his administration in the Sokoke district. They include dispensaries in Malanga and Kwa Dadu as well as a water supply project in Dzikunze and a model early childhood development center at Mwarandinda primary school.


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