Wednesday, June 29 2022

Magical Memories | Photo provided

The Magical Memories Character Company opened its doors last month, offering characters inspired by the public domain for youngsters’ birthdays, outings and other special events. Founders and owners Rebeca Spinks, Lissa Bishop and Nikki Johnson said they came to the business idea because they are passionate about the magic characters can create for children.

Inspired by fairy tales, Magical Memories offers a long list of character options and intends to expand this list in the future. Spinks said they will constantly strive to meet the wants and needs of the community within the industry.

“All three of us are mothers, and we know how much those times meant to our children and our families,” Spinks said. “We are very excited to be creating magic and bringing these opportunities to other children and families.”

Johnson said the restrictions imposed by the pandemic have opened everyone’s eyes and encouraged the small group of entrepreneurs to cherish and savor life’s little moments.

“We need it in our local communities,” Johnson said. “We want to make sure that those opportunities still exist and that parents and children who have that need and that desire don’t miss any magic.”

Johnson added that many children they serve are strangers to life outside of the pandemic. She referenced a mall without Santa Claus and many other “magical” opportunities that younger members of the community have not experienced.

Magical Memories launched its website – – last week, which provides a list of characters with pricing details and more. The group is also accepting reservations for their many characters on the site.

All three owners are heavily involved in the business, continuing to serve as interpreters when needed. With four performers currently on staff, they actively recruit and interview new talent.

“As performers, the experience is touching,” Bishop said. “It’s heartwarming to see how much this means to the children and their families. It’s cool to dress up and feel pretty, but fulfillment comes from what you do for others.

The three share responsibilities and build on each other’s strengths to ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience.

“We balance each other out pretty well,” Spinks said. “We are ready to start booking now. We already have several events and parties on the calendar, which is exciting.


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