Thursday, August 11 2022

CANFIELD — The South Range School Board has recognized a number of staff who will not be returning next year.

The council, with the help of high school principal Stephen Rohan, recognized Donna Slagle (physical education and health), Patti Yocum (first year), Laura Elder (high school English), Jeff DiCesare (music and band) and Jenny Benson ( high school specialist in intervention).

Collectively, the district is losing 144 years of outstanding service to students and the community, according to Superintendent of Schools Bethany Carlson.

In other business, the board agreed to retire Donna Slagle as a physical education and health teacher on Aug. 31 after 37 years with the district.

The board also accepted the resignation of Gianna Marinucci (Rohan) as a high school math teacher and junior class counselor.

The board also approved Matthew Roshak as a high school math teacher, Megan Frank as a physical and health education teacher, Kalie Luklan as a full-time physical and health education teacher, Kathryn McMurray as a . 5 teacher/.5 tutor for title one and early intervention tutoring, Taylor Johnson as elementary special education tutor, Abbey Ausnehmer as 0.5 middle school special education teacher and 0 tutor, 5 and Christy Pepperney as a high school special education teacher.

In addition, the board approved a two-year contract beginning July 1 for Keri Munson for Accounts Payable/Student Activities Secretary; Jared Jenyk as operator of the wastewater treatment plant from August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023; $20 per hour for Ryan Dunn as OBI trainer; Cade Frank and Marylou Crank as summer caretakers;

In addition, the board accepted the resignation of Cindy Jenkins, Effective Bus Helper, approved Lacy Kramer, new Level 2 Bus Driver, and awarded the following additional contracts for the 2022-2023 school year to Craig Brinkerford for the college wrestling, John Tomaino as middle for middle school wrestling, David Markulin at college wrestling, Donald Newell Jr. for college wrestling assistant, Don Newell Sr. for college wrestling assistant, Frank Giordano for assistant for varsity wrestling, Jake Powell for varsity wrestling assistant, David Rach as varsity boys assistant track, Kim Hvizdos for college voice, Kalie Luklan for volleyball assistant, Todd Irons for basketball Eighth Grade Boys’ Ball, Paul Munson for DJ/Entertainment ($250 per event), Sarah Fishel as Teacher Mentor, Lauren Pavlansky as College Basketball Assistant, Isabella Delserone as Midd the school cheer, Bethany Crouch as middle school cross country, Levi Taylor as football freshman, Lauren Pavlansky as middle school v olleyball, Drew Feren (working on PAP), Sarah Fishel, Jonathan Pulido as 7th/8th volunteer football doctor year, and Michael Engle, volunteer football doctor for boys.

Also at the meeting, Council approved the Township of Beaver’s fee of $46,200.00 for the services of a School Resource Officer for the 2022/2023 school year.

The board also approved the development and use of a High School Spirit Club Instagram account to promote school spirit and engagement in accordance with district social media policy and Facebook guidelines.

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