Thursday, October 6 2022

FLINT, MI — Packed into a two-block stretch of First Street in downtown Flint, residents, musicians and local businesses gathered Saturday for the return of Glizzy Fest.

The festival, which welcomes local musical talent and business vendors from across the community, had its first edition last year. This year it returned with a reduced festival ground and new musicians.

Glizzy Fest was held on August 6 on First Street between Saginaw and Beach streets, as well as on Buckham Alley between First and Second streets. CJ The DJ was the emcee and DJ Hype, a Flint-based musician, hosted the event.

More than 18 different merchandise and food vendors had stalls set up on the festival grounds.

Kerale Cayton launched the festival last year. The name glizzy, a slang term sometimes used for hot dogs, was chosen as a joke after one of Cayton’s friends called him a “glizzy gobbler”.

Last year, Cayton was able to do the festival with the help of sponsors. This year, aside from a donation from her mother Kesha Horton, Cayton has organized the festival independently.

“There are a lot of platforms in Flint, but it’s like little pop-ups,” Cayton said. “Or it’s little things that aren’t necessarily a production. To be able to give them that production and that stage to play on is a good feeling.

The music lineup kicked off young at 5 p.m. with Flint musician Lit Lina, an 8-year-old rapper who has been rapping since she was 2. After that, the musicians followed one another until the end of the festival.

On Buckham Alley, a small children’s zone has been set up with bouncy houses and a set of gel guns from local company Unique Jellyball.

Last year, none of the vendors sold hot dogs. This year, several kiosks had the eponymous glizzies on their menu. including Amber With The Food, a local business that sold its hot dogs with macaroni and cheese and baked beans.


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