Friday, December 2 2022

During an April 2015 episode of the game show, a contestant named Andrea was playing a game of “Five Price Tags”. Under normal circumstances, five different prize possibilities for a new car are briefly presented, and the contestant has the opportunity to guess the correct prize – and win the car – by correctly declaring whether the prizes given for four smaller prizes are true. or false. On this occasion, however, model Manuela Arbeláez revealed Andrea’s incorrect first guess at the price of a Hyundai Sonata SE, then mistakenly revealed the winning price, as reported by the Daily Mail.

With the game on hiatus, the decision was made to give the car to Andrea, which made for an incredible TV moment. However, Arbeláez was mortified to have given away a brand new sonata for free. She even tried to hide behind the game screen. Fortunately, Carey and co. got it back despite the misadventure. “For those of you asking: The producers and @DrewFromTV couldn’t have been more supportive and understanding. I have no issues,” she tweeted after the episode aired.

She continued to make fun of herself in a tweet later, writing, “Hey @Oprah now I know how it feels to be you! Anytime you feel like donating cars on the show let me know.” Arbeláez, who was the first Hispanic model joining the cast of “Price Is Right” means still playing today.


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