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AI am 64 years old, tom hank is much more than just a famous actor. Hanks’ projection as a public figure goes beyond his status as an actor: he’s a timeless, cross-generational icon, a kind of America’s father in the silver temple.

When Tom Hanks’ son Chet confessed to his cocaine addiction

Chester Hank only shares a surname and profession with his father. His brothers, Hakea well-known actor, Elizabethwriter and Truman, the youngest, all gave him an excellent example. Chester, also known as Chet Haze in the rap scene, flirted with the small screen in recent series like Your Honor Where Empirebut it dominated more articles in sensationalist media like TMZ only in the pages of specialized media Variety, dragging along a long history of controversies which have gained in intensity in recent months.

A controversial media figure

According to a report in people magazineHanks’ most recent ex-girlfriend, Kiana Parkercomplained in court about his physical and verbal abuse and also applied for and obtained a restraining order.

The young woman claimed that the recent breakdown in her romantic relationship had turned into a pattern of sexist abuse. According to the complaint filed, “he threatened her with a gun on several occasions, threw objects at her and uttered various racial slurs”.

It comes just weeks after the actor accused her in writing of robbery and assault after video of him bleeding profusely emerged online, according to Hanks, after she allegedly cut him with a knife.

Chet Hank took advantage of the media attention to launch the first photos of his new project as a rapper, summer white boy, as the charges began to pile up. Hanks appears surrounded by women in bikinis twerking while he pours alcohol on their butts, showing off his toned, tattooed body.

The accompanying marketing campaign, which bets on messages printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts or shorts with gothic typography, the same frequently used by white supremacist groups and similar to that which appears on the cover of some editions of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, has caused the most controversy since its launch.

Additionally, he supported Joe Biden– including the investiture ceremony tom hank participated – and the Black Lives Matter movement on various occasions. After Hanks urged his male followers to “evolve from Pikachu to Raichu”, Arwa Mahdawi of the Guardian asked if it was time to “reclaim the white man’s summer” after four years of Donald Trump andstrengthen white supremacists.

White supremacy accusations

But there have long been rumors about Chet’s political views. Already in 2015, he insisted on continuing to use the “N” word, which is still commonly used in hip-hop but extremely offensive when used by a white person. This term was used to refer to black people as insults from white people during the time of slavery. The musician was on the verge of ruining his father’s big night in a more recent incident, which happened in January 2020 and which, ironically, is the last time he was seen with his father in the eye. public.

As the entertainment industry honored tom hank with the Cecil B. DeMille Award to golden globes, Chet shared a video online in which he did a Jamaican accent. This viral parody received heavy criticism from the media and Twitter users.

Drug addiction and rehab

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Her son shot to notoriety in 2014 when he disclosed his drug addiction, which he claimed to have battled since he was 16, and checked himself into a drug treatment centre.

His admission follows his participation in the film adaptation of the Marvel comic book The Fantastic Four, which seemed to be his launch pad to stardom. He graduated from Northwestern University Drama Arts program.

Chet blamed his close relationship with drugs on his family background in an Instagram comment: “Finding out who I am has been quite a journey because of all the pressures I’ve had to deal with in my life. Being the son of my father and all that, you know.

The search and arrest warrant that police in this country had issued against him for destroying a hotel room in London was not revealed until six months later in the British newspaper DailyMirror.

Chet revealed in December 2016 that he had a daughter from a failed relationship, Michaiah. He claimed that a birth involved a before and an after. She is the cause of the complete transformation of my life and the reason why I maintain my sobriety.


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