Wednesday, June 29 2022

HANOVER – Throughout the opening ceremonies on Friday evening, the 195 graduates of the Hanover High Class of 2022 were reminded to stay true to themselves and praised for their kindness and their ability to adapt for more than two years of pandemic uncertainty.

COVID-19 even forced an unscheduled change to the graduation as senior Alex Rockmore stepped in as emcee after classmate Eric Ashton had to pull out at the last minute.

Rockmore said he thought he was in trouble for another late arrival to French class when he was called into the office.

But Rockmore was up to the task and welcomed everyone into “what will basically be a running commentary.”

Elder Pierce Seigne, who gave the graduation speech, sparked laughter from the crowd when he told them he was “pretty excited”.

“I’ve never graduated from high school before,” Seigne said.

He took his fellow graduates back in time, reminding them of everything they’d been through together: Chromebooks, extracurricular events, and other shared experiences.

And then how they suddenly separated from each other.

Seigne recounted his emotions at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I remember getting the email saying the school would be closed for two weeks,” Seigne said, adding a punchline. “Score! Two weeks vacation.”

Then two weeks stretched into a semester, then a year.

“We learned what the interiors of our teachers’ homes looked like,” Seigne said. “And, for the first time, I really wanted to go back to school.”

Ian Gollub, group director of Hanover High, praised the seniors for their ability to cope with change, calling them “one of the nicest groups I have ever known”.

Gollub listed the changes they had undergone.

“In four years, you have had and seen four different schedules, three principals, three assistant principals, a pandemic, online classes, remote Wednesdays, masks, the end of a war, the start of a war , two, almost three mascots, in insurrection and a savage and cruel presidential election,” Gollub said.

But, he continued, “there have been 27 state athletic championships, more than 50 musical acceptances in every state, band awards, opera films, quiz bowl championships, and dozens individual awards for various competitions and events”.

“Tonight we have 195 graduates, 195 smiling faces with lots of patience, positivity and kindness in this whole group,” Gollub said. “Only people with a strong spirit can accomplish what you all have got through the craziness of the last four years.”

Gollub encouraged graduates to persevere when life inevitably fails to go as they planned.

He recounted how his plans to play the saxophone for a living did not materialize after spending most of his early college years attending concerts in New York City instead of going to class.

But he pushed on and eventually discovered music education and, with a diploma and teaching certificate in his pocket, returned home to high school in Hannover.

“I have no regrets,” Gollub said. “This is where I’m supposed to be.”

Senior Caroline Adams gave the valedictory address, imploring her fellow graduates to have faith in them and know that they are enough, individually and collectively.

Adams, a star on the football pitch, shared how injuries derailed what she had dreamed of for her senior season, but she nevertheless found meaning and value in the season.

“Even though my role on the pitch was over, from the touchline I found a connection with my teammates in a way I never could have while playing,” Adams said. “I discovered that I was enough.”

And, she said, she wanted her fellow graduates to know that they too were enough.

She told them to reach under their seats where they found postcards. One side had tiny photos of the graduating seniors while the reverse carried the message: “We are enough wherever we are.”

With this message, she ordered the graduates to move their tassels and the 195 graduates of Hannover High School threw their caps in the air to a standing ovation.

Darren Marcy can be reached at [email protected] or 802-291-4992.

Hanover High School Class of 2022

Dennis Walter Acker; Caroline Adair Adams; Matthew G. Adner; Ayan Ahmad; Kiana Faith Allan; Richard John Aman; Eric Michael Ashton; Taj Lock Bagnato; Van Robert Bailey; Marko Baran; Kristov Vittorio Bardales; Leo Barnes; Aida Claire Bauer; William Henry Baughman; Daniel Bender; Hanna Ruth Berger; Rebecca Clara Berger; Amelia Berthold; Jordan Keith Bickford; Charles Owen Birkmeyer; Bo Blackburn; Elsa Bolinger; Emanuel Aaron Bowie-Reimers; Lucas Madison Brien; Benjamin Brooks; Joshua David Bucci; Mae Candon; Luka Cantone; Ryan James Carter; Ella Karin Caterini; Benton Cesanek; Connor Adam Chambers; Eric Jiarui Chen; Jasmine Yen Chu; Guillaume Ciardelli; Hugh Sutherland Clark; Elias Bernard Callum Cowie; John Royal Crandell; Wyatt Forester Cusick; Eliza Stevenson Daigle; Abigail Langdon Davis; Joseph James Davis; Kathryn Taylor Davis; Elise Laura Debo; Ethan Brunner Derksen; Una Florence DiGeorge; Roan Louis Downard; Aaron Everett Drescher; Camden Michael Dwyer; Mia Pavcnik Edmonds; Matthias Aron Einarsson; Dill August Meyer Eisendrath; Olivia Ruth Evans; Natalie Diane Feyer; Jackson Albert Fisher; Declan Thomas Flynn; Ethan Raymond Gailey; Maxwell Graham Galbraith; Mason Allen Gantrish; Kirk Garner; Thomas Edward Glass; Ian Canon Goldberg; Guillaume Golec; Rosa Carolina Gomez; Ella Rose Goodney; Casey Emerson Graham; Cole Alexander Griffiths; Roland Xavier Griggs; Esther Sophia Hacker; James Farrell Hackett; Molly Elizabeth Hackett; Alisa Halchenko; Seth Mykel Hamel; Connor James Hamlin; Dylan Alexander Hendrick; Ruslan Evan Henry; Miriam Deborah Herron; Michael Hertog-Raz; John Nichols Hill; Lucy Cheryl Elizabeth Hinck; Luke Ambroise Holmes; Blake Emerson Hooper Goetinck; Murphy Matthew Hunt; Zachary Scout Hurst; Luke Daniel Ives; Thatcher Keen Jacks; Daniel Alden Jaccaci; Tairan (Ryan) Ji; Bella Rose Johnson; Isabelle M. Kachikis; Moskoula V. Kachikis; Ian McCue Keeffe; Juliet Kelly; Eunice Kim; James Driscoll Kirkpatrick; Owen Alexander Kitchel; Emma Grace Kleber; Jacob Asher Kubik-Pauw; Jane Elizabeth Lackley; Aidan Thomas Lackstrom; Whitney Elizabeth Ladeau; John Christopher Lang; Liane Kato Lansigan; Spencer Martin Pappas Lawe; Nicholas Robert Lee; Mary IrisThomas Levey; Grace Suzannah Lewandoski; Jared William Licht; Jessica James Lichtenstein; Kaye Crocker Lindsay; Alexander Xavier Low; Rylie Marshall; Spencer Vance May; Ella Mayo; Katherine McCaull; Aislinn Grace Lawson McDougall; Bennett Alexander McGinnis; Paige Heavenly Meliment; Jared Raphael Mercado; Oscar Hayes Miller; Gail Hannah Morse; Gwyneth Munroe; Seamus Logan Murphy; Samuel Rowland Murray; Emilie Laurel Nadeau; Lia Thomas Naughton; Evan James Nichols; Bella Z JohnsonNorman; Simeon Ishmael Robert Obomsawin; Eamon Francis Odell; Tyler Lawrence Odell; Palmer Lewis Whyte Okai; Ian Brodrick Parish; Saia Bharat Patel; Aidan Patrick Peterson; John Minh Pham; Charlotte Lea Piggeon; Colin W. Pierce; Trevor J. Pierce; Kevin Daniel Pillsbury; Stella Grace Pinto; Sophie Helena Prescott; Eleanor Lind Press; John Reznek; Curtis David Rice; Shea Elizabeth Richeimer; Joseph Francis Richter; Eric Ringer; Cian Riordan; Alex Dov Rockmore; Marae Lynn Rose; Jack Douglass Ross; Mitchell Lee Rowley; Danielle Hope Rudd; Maya Rose Sandor; Sebastien Robert Pritam Sangha; Alicia Sanyal; Zane Schiffman; Koa Roy Sasaki Schuette; Yuki Nina Sasaki Schuette; Greta Eliza Schutz; Taylor Brumble Schwartz; Lily Katherine Seelig; Pierce C. Seigne; Finn Aleric Sevilla; Hunter Plowman Smith; Katelyn Elise Smith; Brynne Alice Spaeth; Haily Ann-Marie Stewart; Wesley Daniel Stocken; Eliza Harrison Sumner; Charlotte Luff Tagupa; Madeleine GlarumTally; Trinity Annlouise Thibodeau; Aidan Christopher Tomlin; Skyler Tompkins; Anya Kaitlyn Traudt; Olivia Marie Trummel; Eric Theodore Tysinger; Charles Vincent Umpleby; Eleanor Elisabeth van Aalst; Raghu Veerareddy; Lily Grace Versteeg; Taylor Ainsley Vettori; Brooke Lee Voelker; Matthew Thomas Walsh; Catherine Currie Werner; Bria Nicole Phillips Whitehair; Melissa Elizabeth Whitmore; Asa Weston Wise; Evan GreenYang; Lindsay Anne Zaslaw; and Shantel Shijia Zhou.


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