Wednesday, June 29 2022

WHAT — WiNGS, a nonprofit (formerly Dallas YWCA) that provides strong, immediate solutions for women in need, hosted its reimagined spring event, Pop Fizz Clink! A WiNGS adventure, presented by the Ebby Halliday Foundation, April 29, 2022.

OR — The National Ballroom at the Thompson Hotel Dallas, downtown.

THE SCENE — The brand new ballroom in downtown Dallas has been transformed into a feast for the eyes (and all the senses). Facilitated by the co-chairs Annika Cail and Stephanie Seayas well as honorary president Kim Hext, Pop Fizz Clink! delivered to its onomatopoeic name an immersive lunch, complete with disco-inspired stilt walkers, circus shows, edible bubbles, a Mary Kay lipstick display and a fresh take on the art of divination. All the captivating activity was accompanied by the fantastic dj Christy Ray.

Anne Motsenbocker, winner of the Ebby Empowering Women Award; James Vaughan, Chairman of the Board of WiNGS; Kate Rose Marquez, CEO of WiNGS (photo by Beckley)

Beyond the interactive gift stations and champagne toasts, guests were able to hear the stories of the women of WiNGS, including Jacqueline Greenwho was supported as a first-time mother by WiNGS’s Nursing Family Partnership Program and the nonprofit’s Economic Advancement Program, the latter of which helped her plan and to save for the future of his family.

“The money we raised today will be instrumental in providing local women with the support they need to realize their dreams and impact future generations,” said kate Pink Marquez, CEO of WiNGS.

The event also marked the inaugural presentation of the Ebby Empowering Women Award (named after the late Dallas real estate icon Ebby Halliday) to Anne Motsenbocker.

“Like Ebby, I urge you to reach out to lift women up the ladder of success,” Motsenbocker implored the crowd.


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